Areas of Practice

RAFUL SICARD & POLANCO provides legal services to national and international companies relating to commercial, corporate, labor affairs and Litigation. In addition, the firm offers its services to clients that are operating or proposing to operate in different areas such as energy, telecommunications, maritime transport, stock market, free trade zones, insurance and other regulated areas.

Most of RAFUL SICARD & POLANCO´s lawyers are distinguished by their achievements in litigation; which is the firm’s primary area.

The following list of specializations is a concrete expression of the different areas in which the members of the firm provide legal services.

Our firm offers legal services related with Competition and Consumer Law, offering legal advice in areas that have special legislations such as telecommunications, public contracting, stock market, among others. Also, our firm is recognized for the extensive experience in Consumer Law, providing our legal services against claims and legal proceedings submitted before public institutions such as The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL), the National Institute of Consumer Rights Protection (Pro Consumidor) among others.

Raful Sicard & Polanco is recognized for its extensive experience in the litigation, performing mostly in the areas of civil law, commercial law, real estate law, and labor law. The firm has participated in a large number of major contentious procedures, representing internationally recognized companies.

The Firm stands out in the area of telecommunications, representing the most important provider companies in the Dominican Republic through the Administrative departments that regulate this area, as well as through the civil and commercial courts of the country.

This is also a main area of the firm, among the various services that our firm brings in this area, we perform any service required by the company during its operation; dissolutions; fusions; we also assist in the acquisitions of off-shore companies in the jurisdiction of the client´s choice; managing and maintenance of off-shore companies; among others.

Our firm offers legal services in shipping and maritime affairs and contentious proceedings related to shipping and commerce, as well as matters related to port concessions, naval mortgages, and maritime insurance, among others.

We offer services to national or international financial institutions, regarding pension fund management, as well as to participants of the Stock Market. Our firm provides services in the process of incorporation and accreditation of stock market participants before the regulatory authorities.

Our services in the labor area include without limitation, consulting and advising in labor affairs, preparation of labor contracts, disclaimers, sworn statements, among others; assistance in Administrative affairs before the Ministry of Labor; advice in filing forms that must be registered at the Ministry of Labor; we also provide workshops addressed to companies and their staff regarding training in handling labor issues.